Adopt Cultural Values Towards A More Stress Free Life

In the present age of human existence, it becomes the prime responsibility and duty of the intellectual, thinkers, and human beings to adopt your cultural values towards a more stress-free life and show it along with themselves the way to escape from this madness, the epidemic has created and at the same time to instill spiritual values ​​as an effective solution to the torment we are facing. We should pay attention to mental health by re-adopting all the cultural values and following spiritual lifestyle in our daily life.

Along with all the medical treatments to defeat the deceitful virus like Covid-19, we also have to give our lifestyle the values, thinking, and imagination that comes with our spiritual integrating it into our life art.

The work of spiritual purpose has always been paramount in Indian life

In fact, the work of spiritual purpose has always been paramount in Indian life. In India, the interest in religion has become in the soul. When the vision is outwards, that is, towards worldly pleasures, then the flow of ever-changing events attracts attention, on the contrary, the sutras of Kathopanishad are Atmanm Growth and Know Your Soul, this is the conch shell of spiritual awakening in India.

The eminent scientist Albert Einstein has said a lot that there is an opportunity hidden in every crisis, in fact, it depends on our ideological belief whether we are in a crisis zone or convince ourselves more empowered to overcome the crisis. Accordingly, peace of mind, happiness, prosperity, and peace is the perfection and nectar of life.

Basis of our spiritual values and mental health

What is called law in the material world, in the moral world, is called religion and this religion is the basis of our spiritual values and mental health. The senseless exploitation of nature and the natural resources and the world of the human mind immediately invite epidemics. To safeguard from this, by imbibing the love with nature, we must incorporate the positive awakening of our spiritual values and healthy lifestyles into our lifestyle.

Cloud of energy called consciousness

We are encapsulated in a cloud of energy called consciousness. Here it is like a candle and a wick When we put a matchstick on the candle, the flame appears in the wick. The candle also has the same hydrocarbon but when it is ignited when the flame flickers only on the top of it. Our body is like a candle wick. There is consciousness around it that keeps us alive to take care of our mind and soul.

Understanding the seven levels of Existence

Our existence has seven levels. They are body, breath, mind, intellect, memory, ego, and soul.

Mind is the understanding of thought and feeling in consciousness which is constantly changing. The soul is the minute aspect of our condition and existence. Breath connects our mind and body. As our body changes, so are the mind, intelligence, perceptions, and ego also. But what does not change within us is called soul, which is the reference point of all change. According to the ancient system of Ayurveda, we will not be considered healthy people unless we connect to our souls.

The second sign of health is alertness, being alert and aware. It is also necessary to remain stress-free. The state of the sum of these two is called enlightenment. Emotional instability is one of the reasons for stress. For every emotion, our breath has a special momentum. Slow and long breath gives joy while fast breath gives signs of stress. Don’t be afraid of failure. Failure is the step towards a new success Increase your enthusiasm. If you have some skill then you can turn any situation into a joy.

When an animal gets wet, they remove their body water by shaking their body. By seeing any cat, the dog we should know how to shake our body and leave everything we are uncomfortable with. When you come to the office take the house off your shoulders, when you go back home put the office off your shoulders. It’s easy as that.

Meditation is a deep relaxation

To be tense and regain your energy, nature has created a transitional state that is sleep to some extent. Sleep takes your fatigue but perhaps there is tension in the body system. Regular doing Pranayama and Anulom Viom are to keep this type of tension under control. And there are ways of meditation, it relieves stress and fatigue, it increases the capacity, it strengthens the nervous system and the mind. It is also an event to see life from a higher point of view. There are three golden rules for getting this. They are – I want nothing, I do nothing, and I am nothing.

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