Basic principles of yoga- the ASHTANGA

Ashtanga-the eight fold path of yoga. ( Ashta –eight , Anga –Limbs )

The basic principes however a life develop for a holistic development to achieve A level of immortality lies within the this ASHTAGA yoga.Every individual before starting or in progress in yoga journey ought to understand this.The eight fold methods area unit are Yama,Niyama,Asana,Pranayam,Pratyahar,dhyana,dharna,samadhi.

These eight fold path or eight limbs area unit –

Yama – universal morality i.e moral conduct we must always maintain

5 yamas area unit –

ahimsa- non violence in thoughts and action

Satya – truthfullness

Asteya – Non stealing

Brahmacharya – Continence

Aparigah – non- greed

Niyama – Personal observances and following the practices regulaly.

5 Niyam area unit –

Saucha – Cleanliness

Santosh – happiness

Tapas – spiritualness

Svadhyaya – Study of the sacred scriptures and of one’s self

Isvara pranidhan – Surrender to God

Asana – Body Postures or Yogic Mudras

PranayamaProper Breathing exercises for control of prana

Pratyahara – management of the Senses.Directing our focus internally.

Dhyana – Devotion,meditation on the divine

Dharna – Concentration and cultivating inner sensory activity awareness

Samadhi – Union with the divine

Remember – Wherever Dharna practices area unit pointed attention,Dhyana is ultimatey a state of keenly aware a stage of stilness.

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