Benefits of yoga for women’s health

Yoga is an ancient art of uniting body, soul and mind.The word yoga denotes unity, communication and integrity in Sanskrit.Yoga originated in ancient India and became popular in the West.Yoga is for all of us,that is a traditional Indian philosophy that unites physical and mental health.With regular practice, we will find that your journey through life is calmer, happier and more fulfilling.Yoga benefits the health of women in the following ways.

Physical pain relief

Nowadays, hypertension is becoming a common serious disease in the world.The practice of yoga can increase blood circulation, bringing blood pressure back to normal.What’s more, yoga can help digestion, improve lymph circulation. Yoga also helps cells to get more oxygen. This can reduce heart attacks and strokes as blood clots are often the cause of these diseases.

keeping fit

Yoga is not only a sport, but a healthy lifestyle. It has been proved that this healthy sport can keep women in good shape and keep fit.For women who are suffering from sleep disorder,yoga can help in getting a high quality sleep. Women can also reduce or reduce gynecological diseases. Relaxed exercise can make muscles stronger, improve blood circulation, increase oxygen and nutritional supplies. A few minutes of yoga daily provides the secret to feeling fresh and energetic even after a long time.

Removes pressure

Scientists found that yoga has been associated with improved levels of happiness and improved immune function. This type of sport can help people cope with stress. Business women have to work with computers all day or walk in crowded streets with heels. They will give rise to varicose veins, back pain, low quality sexual function and general fatigue. Yoga is a good way to get relief from muscle soreness. After a busy day of work, before going to bed, it is a good habit to dim the lights and light a scented lamp, forget the heavy work and pressure of life in yoga. After that, you will feel fresh and relaxed.

Yoga helping women in Menopause

Throughout the world, a lot of women enter menopause every year. Studies have shown that 85 percent of women have vasomotor flush during menopause. A lot of studies have been done to find out if yoga can really help women suffering from menopause and where all the results are positive.

Yoga,as well as meditation can be helpful in reducing the symptoms of normal menopause, including the frequency as well as the intensity of hot flashes or vasomotor, sleep and mood, muscle and joint pain, Stress as well as disturbances is involved.

Another very important question that people ask is, can yoga be used to replace hormone replacement therapy? Yes of course Hormones, biochemical molecules that help regulate human functions as well as signaling, are secreted into the bloodstream by the body’s endocrine glands, and yogis have, for a very long time, shown the relationship between endocrine and esoteric anatomy Noted Yoga asanas are very helpful. They help to stretch as well as squeeze the endocrine glands. Chanting also activates them in some form through vibration and resonance.Mudra helps stimulate the chakras, the energetic correlates of the glands.

The first question is on every woman’s mind; Can yoga help reduce menopause? As women go into menopause, which is usually between the ages of 40 as well as 60, their ovaries begin to slow down their estrogen production.The endocrine glands also try to achieve some type of balance. In addition, the pituitary glands can cause more FSH and LH secretion. However, the adrenal, thyroid, as well as other structures will migrate to produce more estrogen. In such situations, the adrenal glands may already be exaggerated, complicating this ongoing balancing act. Its effects include hot flashes, insomnia, anxiety, depression, as well as irritability. Another consequence of this effect is osteopenia, which results in loss of bone density.

A critical review of the entire process suggests that women who are from the western part of the world are more likely to experience these effects. It is somehow directed to the Western diet but another important contributor is stress. Now the question is, how can yoga help? According to some health reports, most of the symptoms of menopause are the result of sympathetic activation or excessive heat. Yoga provides many ways to increase the body’s parasitic response. Pranayama like Shitali and many others are very beneficial. Forward Bend also contributes to this situation. It can help calm the adrenal. Standing poses, inversions as well as energizing pranayamas can also help elevate your mood.

Yoga asans for women to practice every day

If you are looking for some great asans for women, then look no further! The following yoga poses for women are highly recommended for performing them. They basically focus on creating some pressure and also pull specific body parts.

1. Spinal Flex Rock Pose

This particular type of yoga posture releases tension in the middle as well as the upper back area.It also helps to move the spinal fluid.This pose is somehow simple.To practice it, just sit on the heel of your feet.Inhale and tilt the spine forward and at the same time, bring the shoulder blades back.Inhale and push the spine back.

2. Life Nerve Stretch

It is an ideal pose to pull the life nerve.It travels from the back of the heel, through the sciatic nerve and over the entire back; It is the lower, middle and upper back.It extends to the neck.To do this, sit on your right heel and also make sure that the left leg is pushed forward.Tighten the chest to the left and keep it there for some time.Repeat the asana with the other leg.

3. Camel pose

Camel pose is very beneficial for women.It helps in adjusting the reproductive organs of women.To do this, go to your knees and squeeze the gluteus as well. Also, place your palms backwards which is the kidney area, with the fingers pointing upwards.The next thing you have to do is to bring the hips forward and drop the head back.

4. Shoulder stand

This is another great pose.It helps to stimulate metabolism, which are the thyroid and parathyroid glands.For weight loss, this pose is an excellent one.It also helps release pressure on 11 different organs.To practice this, just start by lying on your back. Once you have done this, bring your feet above your head, and place your hands on the back for support.Draw as many straight lines as you can between the body and the floor. When performing the action, do not move the neck while looking around. Just gaze at the chest and relax the breath.

5. Archer Pose

Another excellent pose for women is the archer pose.It helps to stretch the frontal muscles and also opens the hips.To do this, you first have to stand and bring your right leg forward and then bend. You need to bend it in such a way that it will support the body weight.The left leg should be straight, with the heel off the floor.The right arm also extends forward, as if you are preparing to shoot an arrow. Remember that your hands are in a fist, except the right thumb,which is out and back.

There are many yogas that you can practice, you will benefit from this.The different styles are there to suit your needs as well.Practicing yoga can help eliminate excess fat and maintain your entire body, reducing life and work pressure.From now on, start practicing yoga.

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