Breathing basics revive

Feel the calmness the smoothness within the body while breathing.This process of controlled and proper breathing we term it as the reawakening of the inner self with which we link the energy flow of the divine.

Here I am talking of one way of breathing

To begin with sit in an ideal place you are comfortable with.The place should be clean ,proper ventilation,good quality of oxygen should flow.Morning period on sunrise is the best time to breathe.If it is not possible follow the process at evening time.Calm your mind.Let no disturbance occurs internally or externally.

When the things has settled now start breathing.The process should be slow,very slow.The sound of breath shouldn’t be heard even by our ears infact only be felt by us.

Stop the breath when it is full taken between the eyes or at the forhead.For the first phase Breath stop time should be equal to the time taken for taking breath inwards.

Now exhale the breath with the same time as the inhalation process.Stop for the same time.

Repeat the process but REMEMBER the stopping time should increase every time on or after breathing.i.e breathe in – stop – breathe out – stop.Stopping time should increase from as example from 10 to 20 to 30 seconds and say on as long as you continue.

If in initial stages if it is not possibleto go beyond 30 or 40 seconds(stopping breath)repeat the process of breathing to the same period of the last breath stop taken.

Do this process of breathing for 25 to 30 minutes daily.

Yes within few weeks you will realise the wonderful effects.

Not only headache but the divine power of healing in the body has started.The tiny roots of healing is there.It will show you its effect making to believe in a more positive balanced ways.The fear of unknown will disappear,legitimacy of existence will flower.

Proper breathing is a natural healing process.Remember here divinity is in the process of stoppage and the flow of breathing.

Stoppage has an end to flow and the flow has an end to stoppage of the breath.

Repetitive process of breathing is a joy.An amazing experience of hope and journey ahead, a solution of idelogical conflicts we face,awakening of our soul we are ound to be blessed with.

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