Deep Relaxation for Mental Health Benefits

Corpse Pose

Many yoga sessions end with Corpse Pose (Savasana), which is a pose meant to create deep relaxation. This pose is very important for integrating the benefits of breath and movement practices, and should not be skipped. Plus, if you’re feeling ungrounded, deep relaxation may help your nervous system rebalance itself. It has also observed that sometimes people who have mental health issues aren’t always comfortable doing deep relaxation for too long, or they start feeling fidgety. But even if you only practice Corpse Pose for a minute or two, you will reap some of its calming benefits. In the traditional Corpse Pose, you lie flat on your back with your legs resting hip-distance apart and your arms relaxed alongside your body with your palms facing up.

One relaxation exercise you can do in Corpse Pose is to focus on one part of your body at a time. While lying on your back, bring your awareness to your left foot, then your left shin, then your left knee, until you have covered every major part of your body. When you finish this deep relaxation, consider doing a very short meditation. You can do this while still lying in Corpse Pose, or sitting up. I suggest doing a “my favorite place” meditation, where you pick an image that brings you joy and mentally take yourself there. See the sights, smell the smells, feel the sensations. For people with mental health issues, this type of meditation is preferable to letting a teacher mentally guide you to places like a beach or a mountain, because certain images such as a beach or a mountain may be triggering.

Find a Yoga Teacher With Mental Health Expertise

You can practice yoga on your own, but having a teacher who has experience instructing people with mental health issues is especially valuable for someone with schizophrenia. These teachers are likely to be certified in yoga therapy, as opposed to being a more basic yoga teacher.

If you can afford a few private sessions, this might be better than diving into a group class. If you are feeling anxious, for example, your teacher can modify the practice so you don’t do as much movement that day, or, if you’re not feeling grounded, the teacher might have you spend a lot of time sitting on the floor with both pelvic bones touching the ground.

yoga an art

A Yogic, poet, writer fond of music. Working as banker.I believe Yoga,a way of life, an art that can be perfectly attained on regular practice and devotion.Regular practicing and proper breathing regenerates our cells making us more active,energetic and more vibrant a healthy and live soul.For me living with yoga is a regular process.A journey of regular internal and external growth. I am practising yoga as a disciple since last 15 years.With guruji’s blessing and guidance there is regular growth in inner consciousness and realization of the self.Mere missing yoga practice sometimes seems to be a loss of the divine energy we are blessed within. Yoga is reunion with yourself.Its regular and continous practice of breathing,asanas gives great energy in daily endeavours.This is to unite with your soul.Deep breath purifies our inner self making us more vibrant and energetic.Its fragrance is deeply felt everywhere giving us hope and positive outlook in everything we perform. Strengthening resoluteness or process sustains our values and beliefs. Value-based goals strengthen our motivation and impact.What transforms our behaviors is staring at everything of ourselves, in. Regular practice makes yoga an art.Surely an yogic is an artist.His performance and attitude towards life is different and holistic.He has a hope a live soul a sense of freedom from negative things from fear or anxiety. Yogic is a true karmic.His karma has a meaning a purpose.His action is graceful and just. ALTHOUGH THIS BLOG PRIMARY COVERS TOPICS RELATED TO YOGA AND ITS BENEFITS BUT I SHOULD QUOTE THE FOLLOWING LINES OF SWAMI VIVEKANANDA THAT ALWAYS INSPIRED ME – “ Purity,patience,perseverance and above all love are the three essentials to success. Great occasions rouse even the lowest of human beings to some kind of greatness, but he alone is the great whose character is great,always.”

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