Defeat Corona With Yoga Quit Smoking

It’s been days of lockdown due to the intention of breaking the chain of viruses.Now Laxman Rekha has drawn,so there is a lot of benefit at this time to quit bad habits indeed the cycle of smoking chain by embracing yoga and keep our life secure and safe.With yoga,pranayam and meditation we can feel the supreme bliss that is called the “state of Ananda”.Of course this is the best time to thank God for the world, life he created.He lifts you to such a great height that any desire of bad habits dies within you internally.

The days of terror of Corona Virus infection.The authentic report states that Corona Virus deteriorate the Health of your lungs.Its the first to attack the respiratory system and spoils it. Reports Coming from all over the world suggest that the cause of Corona Virus the most people who have died have lungs infected.Had a disease. Actually Corona Virus attacks the lungs and thickens the muscles  causing the person to have trouble in breathing.

The condition of the lungs is also very delicate. And also that the corona virus in such a situation,directly access to this weak link.There are few asanas to do that re strengthens your weak detroited lungs from smoking and other bad habits.Asanas that can increase your immunity,increase your mental level as of now to which you have to take the help of nicotine.

Generally doing yoga and meditation to get help to quit smoking we get mainly five types of benefits –

1The body becomes strong. New life in lungs Is filled.

2. The immune system starts getting better.

3. The level of health starts improving.

4. Brain becomes calm and stable.

5. We are full of energy and life force

It is said that if someone does something for consecutive days, then it becomes his habit.Now it is a period of lock down then your bad addiction like smoking can be beneficial to be stopped and finished. So for your smoke.You might have tried to quit the habit, but instinctively have finally broke this vow. Now when availability of nasal products completely closed,in this way, it is a golden gift of your life.New this icing can be made for you.Believe there are many such postures.

With Pranayama and Meditation you can feel the pleasure. Of course, the god has given you the last  chance to quit this habit.Surely smoking is an invitation for the attack to Corona Virus that is damaging your respiratory system. Even if your resolve is still shaking make sure that you keep this in mind,an infection that has no cure Inviting for two puffs,It is suicide. Why should we all go to lock down.

Is sitting at home not only to save life ? In this situation how alarming to think of Corona.Those who fear are not worried about cancer? So enough now, break with this toxic smoke and prepare the lungs with the help of yoga.For a positive and healthy life so that someone Corona, never let any cancer weaken you.Could help your loved ones indeed.

Here are some of the yoga practices that can help to increase your immunity to fight against Corona Virus and quit smoking helping you in developing a more refined human being in this age.

Note – According to WHO report  60 lac people die from smoking.From this figure 50 lac people directly die due to active smoking while 10 lac from passive smoking.Nearly more than 4000 chemicals gets inside our body due to smoking.Out of which almost 50 becomes the reason for occurence of deadly Cancer.

Importance of Kapalbhati   

  • Improvement In blood circulation
  •  Energy to nervous system
  • Strengthing brain cells and makes it calm
  • keeps the pulse under control and Control desire

Nadi shodhan Pranayam

  • Removes all types of stress.
  • keeps the mind calm.
  • Calms and balances the pulse.
  • Therapeutically resolves all respiratory problems
  • To help from overcoming any kind stress while stopping bad habits.

Benefits of Trikonasana

  • Creates good stretch in different parts of the body.
  • Helps in physical and mental health
  • Helps the desire to quit smoking

Benefits of Bhujangasana

  • It Increases chest Size
  • Improves circulation of blood
  • Helps people from nasal related problems

Benefits of Setuband asana

  • Helps to open lungs.Stimulates in proper oxygen flow
  • Maintains in stretching of various parts of body
  • Keeps mind cool and calm
  • Helps to reduce stress,trnsion and depression
  • Helps to quit smoking

Benefits of Sarvangasana

  • Helps in proper blood circulation simultaneously development of mind
  • Keeps mind in calming position
  • Controls depression and stress that helps to stop the desire for smoking.

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