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How CRD Based Diet Can Help You Lose Belly Fat – Is It Worth It?

CRD or calorie restriction diet is becoming rapidly popular mainly because it doesn’t restrict your food choices. As long as you are taking the right amount of calories and anything within the limit you can eat whatever you want. Most people like this diet because it helps them enjoy their favorite food without feeling guilty. Others like the idea that they can enjoy food with a few limitations. This diet is a favorite among people who do not want to eat boring food. Overall, you will see that most people will appreciate this diet mainly because they can eat sugar, fatty food, and carbs as well.

A calorie restriction diet is mainly a diet that will help you limit your calorie intake to just 500. According to research, a healthy male individual will require 2500 calories per day. On the contrary, a healthy female individual will require 2000 calories. Most diets that you follow will tell you to eat things that are healthy and organic so you do not eat too much and feel satisfied. With CRD you can choose anything that can stay under the 500 calorie limit. In short, if you choose a burger that is generally 450 calories per serving, you will be able to live for a whole day on it. Usually, people like to eat one pizza slice per day so they can satisfy their craving without going overboard with calories.

With the help of this article, we will mainly highlight why the CRD diet is considered a favorite among youngsters. We will also discuss how this diet impacts the human body and why it cannot be considered healthy. We will further discuss some long-term impacts of this diet and the limitations it has.

How CRD Helps In Losing The Fat?

According to research, a normal body requires around 2000 to 2500 calories per day spending on gender and overall physical activity. Age and geographical location are other very important factors. When you try to limit the body to just 500 calories per day. It tries to switch to other means like the stored fat. As a result, you will use all the fat stored in your body and lose weight. This is good for just a few weeks because you will get instant results. However, as you continue this method you will feel that your body is getting weak. This is not just limited to the body fat and the lower sugar level, you will also face issues related to dry skin, thinning of hair, and brittle nails. Apart from this, your muscle mass will reduce and your bones will lose density making you prone to extreme damage when you choose an intense exercise. Most people report that although they have lost weight they feel lightheaded so they end up craving more sugar. When they end the diet they find themselves eating much more than their daily required limit.

Long Term Adverse Effect of Calorie Restriction Diet

According to experts, a calorie restriction diet will give you instant results. However if you continue it for the long term this will affect your skin, your hair, nail, and overall body. The long-term side effects are very severe so most people only continue this for one to two weeks and then quit. Some of the long term side effects of a calorie restriction diet include:

Slows Down Metabolism

When the body doesn’t have too much it tries to adjust its mentalism so that you can function properly throughout the day. Most people complain about slow metabolism which in the long run means when you eat normally again you will gain weight easily.

Reduces Muscle Mass

When the body doesn’t have enough calories, it then tries to digest the muscle mass and extract energy from it. As a result, you will lose muscle mass from your body.

Extreme Dizziness

Due to low blood surge levels, you might feel lightheaded. Some people even faint while others only feel dizzy.

Lack of Essential Nutrients

Since you will only consume protein, carbs, and fat-rich food you might face a deficiency of essential nutrients, especially vitamins and minerals. This can cause blood-related issues, night blindness, clotting issues and affects the overall health as well.

Affects Fertility

Fertility is directly related to the number of nutrients that you take. It however doesn’t have to do anything with the calorie count. When your body lacks vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients you will eventually face issues linked with fertility. This is common in women as compared to men.

Reduces Bone Density

When the body struggles with important nutrients like calcium it usually turns to bones and extracts the deposited calcium. As a result, the bone becomes porous and brittle. You will easily get a fracture or broken bone if you fall.

Reduces Immunity

As the body starts to get weak, the immunity reduces and you can easily get ill. Where other people have a fighting power against simple bacterial and viral infection, with less immunity you will instantly feel the hit and get ill.

Take Away

To sum it all up, most diets are designed by experts who look into the requirements of the body and see what your body needs on a day to day basis. In most cases, there is no specific diet that is listed for people who want to try a calorie-restricted diet. So people end up choosing their favorite food and adding it to their diet. Sometimes their favorite food is all carbs or fat which can only offer calories but nothing nutritious in general. People binging on burgers, pasta, and pizza within specific calorie limits will end up reducing their weight. However, they will also have to face issues like lack of minerals, vitamins, and essential metals. Brittle nails, thinning of hair, and dryness of the skin are caused by this kind of junk food. The quality of food matters much more than the number of calories. So you will initially see that your body is getting better and you are losing weight. However, it is not a long-term solution to any of the issues. Dizziness and digestive discomfort due to the selection of wrong food can also cause other issues so it is better to focus on the quality of the food as well.

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