How to meditate properly

sukhaana by sadhu aksar
Grandmaster Akshar sitting in Sukhasana Pose

So the big question you have is how to meditate properly and is there even such thing as properly today there’s so many modalities so many different ways people say guided meditation visualization chakra, meditation music,meditation so many different meditations and I thought instead of me answering those questions for you to actually have grandmaster akshar here,thank you to share his wisdom on this topic.

there’s so many modalities so many different ways people say guided meditation visualization chakra, meditation music,meditation so many different meditations and I thought instead of me answering those questions for you to actually have grandmaster akshar here,thank you to share his wisdom on this topic.

Practitioner a student a master a Grand Master who’s been practicing this for many years to actually share his insights.So there is how to do  meditation property. In this journey means perfection so when you are meditating it needs to be done with perfection otherwise it’s not meditation .it’s the same thing what we are living or what we  are doing which is disturbed anything done with the meditative state is alive so when you say proper meditation that means you want to learn a technique in a structured way which is having a beginning and conclusion we use the language yoga as a journey so it’s not  only journey there is a destination.

This destination is on meditation.Meditation will decide your destination,meditation will decide the destination yet so what is meant by that in a process of learning meditation is the seventh stage where people they know that they reached they achieved and when they open that eye that manifestation happen that life happens so when I’m meditating I’m meditating with with guidance with reason with training there are many ways to do people those who are beginner. Their process is different,their goals are different.

People those who achieve that,those who understand that now there is something more they go on advanced level of meditations.Their processes are different,the techniques are different and once you achieve that of course there is mastery on meditation so what you’re saying is depending on where in the journey they are. The meditation will vary,yes okay so what are your thoughts on because now I mean spirituality yoga.This meditation all these things are becoming more and more popular in this bit a lot of things are very commercial as well you know people have loads of different thing like a chakra bracelet that just opens up their chakras.

You know things like this is like so like what about all these modality people say guided meditation visualization like subliminal messages meditation,affirmation meditation are these meditation or is that just focusing on something or they they are part of meditation and I think what happens the human is very dynamic.If we know everything if I’m a practitioner I know everything what is happening between and that’s the life you learn in this process so it’s not possible that immediately you get the ultimate result of meditation,yes you will get experience where you know you go through with these kind of languages where subliminal training you do,our thinking.

Your manifestation meditation all these things build your experience,builds your capacity yeah people they are not sometime ready to sit for five minutes so when when you’re saying that whole world is getting influenced by you know these movements and like the way how you are serving the community people atleast you see they are in positive direction they are doing something which is good so we on mountains we believe that let them do.

A time will come when they really themselves they know that where they are and what they want and there they will be they will be doing what they need to do so with people out there right now thinking like what meditation should they practice what meditation is right for them.Are you saying that they should just go around this journey test different things and figure out not to not to get disturbed by that if whatever they are doing don’t think that oh I did something wrong okay in your learning you learn you don’t do anything wrong,keep learning that whatever you are doing but now when I am  sharing this message with you and the concern is learn meditation properly it becomes sincere with your approach become sincere with their desire yes I want to become a meditator learn this in a process where ever you are learning whomever you are no you are surrendered with your energies please make sure that that energy is responsible and accountable for your meditation that’s what we believe

We learn that me person is myself accountable for my meditation so so may be some people who are watching this actually I’m just thinking about the questions we’ve had in the past people may actually need to know why they want meditation because I think like I said I think a lot of them to be honest I think they’re out there they want to sit in this pose they don’t know what anything’s doing,they just want to do it for an Instagram photo you know it’s current is popular so like maybe to give you guys a bit of an insight like why meditate in the first place who  who should matter say why should they meditate what is my meditation for like those were desiring those who do do believe in love happiness peace should meditate those who believe in life should meditate otherwise we we are here and any time.

So if you really want to live here you need to become a meditator.Okay so what are the benefits if they do practice, meditation everything becomes beautiful everything nothing disturbs nothing distracts meditator means who knows what he’s doing or she is doing what needs to be done how need to be done what they are expecting what they will achieve they know everything it’s like you are becoming owner of your thoughts you are becoming decision maker of your existence but at the same time I know a lot of people are thinkin I’ve got a very busy schedule you know I’ve got a lot of things to get on with in my life you know like I need to sit there and they feel like they’re doing nothing.What is your answer to that.

The precaution is better than cure you should not fall into the trap of pain and miseries many times you have everything but then you don’t smile you don’t laugh you don’t live it’s it’s good that if you’re if you are able to understand the power of meditation,balance your life now so that you can live tomorrow well ,whatever schedule is there.Meditation will never ask you to spend years together.There are different reasons those who spend those kind of you know training it the meditation is not something which is complicated which is tough it’s a minute practice it’s a five minutes practicing depends what do you want why which kind of meditation you need what is required in your life.

So there is possibility of minute meditation one minute yeah there is possibility of five minute meditation a twenty minute meditation yeah so it depends on our practitioner what they want is it possible to give the general something they can practice.There are two things which I feel can be done immediately, one is free prana meditation and in this the posture is very easy posture the way how I’m sitting right now this is sukhasan back need to be strong so that it shows to the energies that you’re alert and you hold the pranaam and you close your eyes and just be there is no movement of desires or thoughts we just hold it for now gentle breathing and you hold pronoun you’re done with that next is property received I bow down to energies that meditation which is known as pranayaam meditation to receive so you see  there is a reason what you do why you are doing that that’s the beauty of meditation.

Meditation is people sometimes they think that you close out you don’t close your eyes you are opening your energies that focus is required that’s why you close your eyes I will keep sharing when we learn this archery of a master they use to say that before you target closer eyes at that time we never understood the closed eyes how I will but that is the balance your breath and that’s what we are observing now those who balance themselves those who meditate they achieve the best nice beautiful.So there you have it how to meditate properly on something you can actually just take away and stop practicing straight away and have a little bit more understanding around it.

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