Light up hope with life energy

We do our daily routine by not taking into account many things in life. The state of dullness that comes out of our comfort zone generates life energy but when there is a widespread crisis that wakes you up from sleep, you suddenly realize the uncertainty of life. Now you come out of your comfort zone, then you are forced to find new ways to handle yourself. People should learn from this crisis that If life is not eternal, then the facilities and problems in life will not always be there. Light up hope with life energy

Spirituality is helpful in a crisis

 Being depressed in crisis and problems means that you are lacking in spirituality. Depression causes suicidal tendencies, so the reason is that whenever you are in a low level of energy, you cannot see outside your small world that you have created, you only see your distress, your eyes are closed even after opening. When you open your eyes then you will see that many people are in crisis. Prayer meditation, yoga, and pranayama help a person to see beyond his limits and create education to face challenges.

The crisis also awakens human values in you. In the last few months, when India along with the world has been badly affected by the Corona virus, then people of all religions came forward to help each other, a sense of recognition increased. Then we all realized that there is a lot of love and oneness in the world.

Service is the source of joy

The source of joy in service is that people who serve do their best in bad times. When there is a disaster or a war, then volunteers of humanitarian institutions remain calm and stable because they are immersed in service. The more comfort they give to people, the more they feel happy.

On the other hand, the selfish people who want to enjoy themselves only remain unhappy even in good times. Often in good times, people lose their happiness on some small thing. A wise man is happy even in bad times. An ignorant person remains unhappy even in good times.

Time is not good or bad. You make time good or bad. Generally, people blame bad times and then wait for the good times. But even if an astrologer claims that your time is going bad, only then it is you who can make your time good.

Save devotion and Faith

The good or the bad time has an effect on you, but also know that you are more than time and you can pass efficiently from that time because of your absolute relationship with God. Give importance to human and spiritual values, because in times of crisis, reverence goes on and in times of distress, trust goes away.

There is a story of a newly married couple of Japan. They were going on a honeymoon in the village and suddenly a storm came. The woman was terrified but the man was in peace and always smiling, then the woman asked the husband, I am nervous and frightened that this boat will sink, but you are smiling, we can die by drowning.

Suddenly the husband took his knife and put it on the wife’s neck, the woman started laughing and said this is not the time to joke. Think about the future. The husband said why are you not afraid of me that I will kill you. The wife started laughing. What do I need to worry about? I believe that you will not harm me but instead will protect me from that knife. The husband replied that I have the same relationship with nature and God.

My life is in the hands of God, so he will not let me die in this storm, so the door of my life is in his hand, so why do I need to worry about it. At that moment the wife started praying with her husband. Within few moments the storm got stopped. The moral of the story is that in crisis when faith should be required it disappears. Devotion is a gift from God, we should believe in God

The present is the key to a happy future

The moment in our hands is the present, the future we don’t know the past that has gone. Present continues continuously, is under our control, yet no such provision has been developed that we can correct our old mistakes by entering the pastor enter the future and make it beautiful and return to the present. So why do we cry about the past or worry about the future?

Because our future depends on the activities of the past, so if we develop our present before it becomes past, then surely the future will be good. To change life for the better requires actionable things in the present. The present may be very important for us so that we can invest in improving our unseen future. It was said that in the refuge of love there is no past and future. It is very important to live in the present to love life.

Living in the present

Let us make use of every moment, we should spend every moment of our work in human welfare, the people who put their work on tomorrow do not respect their present and later they have to regret that the famous painter Rizwan used to say that I am making this right now, this is my best painting, this notion picks up the person, whether we make pictures written in poetry or do any work, our effort is to do the best for the present work.

The effect of the past is that it tries to tie in its magic. If an artist considers some creativity in the past to be his best, then his creativity gets the same end. All the work that has been done in the past, the best will be the work going on in the present. We should not stick to the past but learn from the mistakes of the past.

The past is the laboratory of the future. By learning from the mistakes of the past; the present is the stage of deep thinking. Some people also affect their future by past mistakes. The past should remain a team of learning only. Successful humans learn from the past and move towards success. And they have a keen eye on the present planet.

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