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life energy

We want to live in the air comfort zone but sometimes this zone is broken due to uncertainty in life and we find ourselves in deep crisis.

This book highlight how early it is to come out of our comfort zone and to find new ways to handle it.

People should learn from this crisis that if life is not eternal then the facilities and problems in life will not always be there.

Light up hope with life energy. Certain spiritual practices, prayer, meditation, yoga, pranayama helps a person to see beyond his limit and create education to face uncertainties and challenges.

Benefits from this book

These crises also awakens human values in you that 

Service is the source of joy. 

Save devotion and faith.

The present is the key to a happy future.

Understanding mindfulness and its benefits.

Living a healthy life

How to handle the flow of energy within us with the help of yoga.

Regenerating moral rationality of the soul and yoga conscience.

How to do live with attachments and Control desire

The flow of energy within us

Enjoy the book and light up hope with life energy.

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