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The astonishing benefits of drinking hot water after eating jaggery on an empty stomach

If we ask someone what should be done to keep the body healthy so that the disease does not come into the body, then someone will say walk early in the morning, some will say that go to the gym, some will say, follow a proper diet plan, but when we listen to it, we feel nervous, that we don’t have that much time to look after the body.

There are many such things in Ayurveda which if we eat properly then our body remains very right because Ayurveda says that our body becomes as we eat. If we take proper care of our food and drink then we will never have any disease.

First of all, it is important to take care of what we eat. If only you take care of your food and drink, then you will not get any disease, if someone in your family has high blood pressure, someone has heart blockage, someone has pimples on face or hair fall, then you should take care of what you eat and what to avoid.

If we take medicines on a headache, then it can take the form of a migraine in the future, if you apply the cream on the face if you have pimples, it can become a big skin problem, so we need to know what is wrong. We do that if we take care of small things, then the disease will remain far away from home. In the olden days, one thing that was definitely eaten after eating food was jaggery and that thing is followed even today in one or the other form. People think that after eating food, sweets should be eaten, anything in eating. Let to know the form of sweet we should eat. Yes, it is jaggery.

In the olden days, people used to use iron cauldron in which to eat food. But nowadays we eat food in nonstick utensils due to which allergy happens.

Eating jaggery after a meal or an empty stomach in the morning with warm water does a very wonderful effect on your body. It covers the loss of iron we intake by cooking in a nonstick pan and not taking enough iron that is beneficial for our blood. Taking jaggery digest our food fast and cleanse our blood bu infusing the dose of iron.

 Constipation is also the root of all diseases, which causes many diseases but we do not understand how we have got it. The deficiency of iron in the blood has caused it. The Doctor will never tell that and will give you medicines that can even worsen the situation. Similarly, he will give you different medicines for pimples.

Let us tell you how to eat it, one can eat it after dinner or you can eat it empty stomach in the morning. If you eat an empty stomach in the morning, then it benefits your body in a lot of ways. Due to lack of blood, many diseases take root. There is hair fall, there is weakness, wrinkles, constipation problems.

 if you have such problems, then you should consume jaggery by drinking hot water. within a few months, all diseases related to the stomach can be removed. Even it is useful in high blood pressure because in high blood pressure the blood becomes thick and the doctor has to dilute the blood. Regular use of jaggery with hot water solves the problem.

That is why you have seen that there are many people who have been taking high BP medicines for 15 years or more, but their high BP has not become normal, the reason is that the treatment for high BP is not the medicine, but dilute the blood, to thin the blood. It is simply like taking fenugreek water to remove diabetes.

Friends, by taking jaggery with hot water on an empty stomach in the morning, even the most severe arthritis can be eliminated because the main reason for arthritis is the increase of uric acid in our blood, if you correct your stomach, then your blood will become clean. And by purifying the blood, uric acid will be reduced from your blood, due to which the problem of arthritis will end in two to three months.

Friends, if your hair falls, then you must eat it on an empty stomach because the blood in the root of your hair will get iron and the problem of hair falling will end in 2 or 3 months.

Taking jaggery with hot water every morning on an empty stomach is very beneficial for pimples to end that is caused due to constipation in the stomach because the main reason for getting pimples is that impurity in blood.

Friends, if you eat jaggery on an empty stomach every morning and drink warm water with it, then you can remove many diseases from the root and save you from anemia.

Following very small things, we can make our body healthy but people think that for this I have to spend a lot of time, a lot of money will have to be spent, there is nothing like this, we just have to keep in mind, small things have to be done regularly on proper time so that we can be healthy every time.

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