The health benefit of Sarvang asana


• Stretches the entire spine

• Improves circulation of blood in the lower extremity

• Massages abdominal organs

• Stimulates the glandular systems

Beginners – Follow the sequence from positions 1 – 3 only.

Intermediate – PLOW: From the final raised position in SHOULDER STAND, bring the legs forward and begin to lower the feet until they are above and behind the back of the head. The legs remain straight. Slowly release the position of the hands and place the arms on the mat beside the body, palms face down. Lower the legs further directly behind the head, parallel to the mat. The bottom of the toes contact the mat behind the head and the legs remain straight. The chin is retracted, the palms and arms are face down on the mat with the weight of the body in the arms, shoulders, head, and toes. Close the eyes. Maintain the asana for 10 respirations.

Advanced – DEAF MAN: From PLOW, slowly bend and drop the knees beside the ears. Rotate the arms around and grasp the ankles. The top of the feet and shins rest on the mat. The gluteals are in the air and the body weight rests in the shoulders, head, and feet. Close the eyes. Maintain the asana for 10 respirations.


Do not practice this asana if experiencing: low back injuries, sciatica, spinal pathologies, neck trauma, symptoms of whiplash, spinal osteoporosis, cardio vascular disease, or in the advanced stages of pregnancy.


Keep the neck straight. Do NOT turn the head from side to side. This may cause severe damage.

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