Self-thinking is the power to be your own Lamp

By self-thinking, we gain inner strength and motivation. Self-thinking is the power to Be Your Own Lamp. American psychologist William James often used to motivate his students to go to the house of worship for the habit of self-thinking. He believed that by being reflective in a quiet place, thoughts are clear. After its regular practice, there is no need to go to any particular place. Whenever there is a holiday, we spend our time in entertainment, instead of by doing self-meditation, we can use the holiday in a better way.

Necessary to identify the goal

In the Indian thinking tradition, the method of meditation is developed to concentrate the mind. Self-realization is the manifest form of the same, but it is possible only when we can do it without any excitement or mental pressure that we have to keep in mind that when we find ourselves without knowing that if we start moving forward and just set a goal, then there will be deviation, because of this behavior, different kinds of worries prevail, so understand the importance and usefulness of the thing that you are engaged with and then assimilate what you are going to do.

What will be the result of what you are doing or what is the usefulness of what you are doing in life that you cannot understand without introspection?

Way of self-thinking

If you are thinking that there is a special way of self-thinking or a certain system, it is not so, for this you just have to concentrate your mind by sitting in someplace, in the meantime, you have to stick to the present, the moment that is going on. Try to live in.

The mind can never be quiet. If we do not practice controlling it, then it will remain in the same form. It is the practice to stop the deviation of the mind. In the meantime, stop the mind only where our thoughts are clear by reaching and we can recognize our weaknesses. At the time of self-reflection, the mind has to remain at a higher state

To be your own lamp

If we look at ourselves, we will be able to see our mistakes and try to correct them. If we have done good things, then we can also try to improve them. It is possible with self-awareness. Remember the statement of Mahatma Buddha that no one can teach from outside that we can learn from his own self-realization and self-contemplation.

That is why he always says that” be your own lamp ”, the “knowledgeable lamp yourself”. Illuminate your life with your intellect, contemplation, and self-observation. The knowledge gained through self-thinking is remembered and always helps the person to take the right decision because this experience is contemplation and is based on self-observation.

Gain Energy

Keep calm and try to stabilize the mind. Let the emotions come in and go, you will be silent the mind slowly. In this stability, we have to assess our strength, we have to see, we have to understand our weakness, our strength, the test of our patience, we have to experience it. This will strengthen our will our power to earn energy. A new framework will be created which will give us the right direction, we can put that effort into productivity and betterment.

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