Silence is the peace of mind for our inner self-growth

Silence is such a practice in which there is no service or any kind of arrogance. Silence is self-submission, Silence is surrender, Silence is prayer, where Silence came, there is worship, there is devotion, and there is the devotion of humankind. Silence is devotion to the sound of ears. Those sitting in silence are worshiping soundness. Silence is the peace of mind for our inner self-growth

It is often said that as long as possible, keep silent. It should be is such that in which the memory of a supreme element comes from this practice. In twenty-four hours be silent for a few minutes or an hour or a day in a week or a day in a year say for when our birthday comes. Be silent or practice hours proportionate to our age. With regular practice, silence creates communication with the inner self.

Those who listen more, speak less, avoid troubles, in my eyes, there are two benefits of being silent; one a person not lie and the other one cannot condemn anyone. Maybe with compulsion but we obey with the truth. People often say that the ability to be silent has come but they cannot smile, it is said that you should be as silent as possible, but the silence should be a smiling one. Rude-faced silence can cause many problems. If you are in the silent phase and the child smiles and comes close and if he wants to speak to you then speak to him. Your silence will not be broken. With a smile, silence will make you more simple, calm, and satisfied.

Many people say that if they do not even understand the words of the learned, then how will their silence be understood. What should we do? I request that what is needed to be explained, do not even try to explain, you will go there, do not understand the silence, just enjoy it.  The peacock dances, so what is the understanding in that, feel blissful, the cuckoo’s song, what is the subject of understanding, what is the need of interpreting the river flow?  Moon slowly progress does not need to be understood. just looking at it is a fulfillment. You will get confused by the rustle of the wind, just feel it, enjoy it.

Everything cannot be said with words. The question is what should be done to understand the Silence. The answer is that nothing should be done, just Silence should be there. You will automatically fall into silence. Osho has said that freedom from the speech is not silence, freedom from thoughts is silence, but in Bhagwat Gita, it is said, that if you speak or not speak anywhere if your mind is silent and in happiness mood anytime it is silent. Then sing it silence, keep quiet it is silence. If the mind is happy, then if you dance it’s silent or sits alone it is silence. Silence is not the state of doing nothing but the state of being in silence.

Guru is silent. Knowledgeable or saint men around the world are silent and they will always remain silent. Their mere presence is a sound of wisdom. If the person sits alone then numerous thoughts come. But if any saint sits near a person, then the movement or conflicts happening in the mind ends. Then he starts to feel the peace.

The practice of silence is in which devotion comes from someone’s grace. Silence is the combination of devotion, love, compassion, and worship. Silence is the best means to achieve this confluence of Silence. Silence is a practice and a resource.  Good cause voice is also silent. Those who understand to keep quiet have understood silence and have become silent. He then speaks as much as is necessary and if he speaks he should only speak the truth.

If you will keep silent, at first you will hear a lot of noise. The reason is that you have been silent, you were speaking, you were part of the outside voice, now you are alone, you will be dominated by the outer voice, let silence be ripened a little, then how much will be the outside voice no matter how noisy is, it doesn’t matter to you.

Trouble will start after this, the sound of the inner voice appears from inside, the shouts of the past begin to rise from inside, it is difficult to calm them, after that the third state of silence comes that the inside voice also stops and absolute silence begins. Raman Saint says that thoughts become zero, in such a situation, it is very important to have the hand of the learned person on us. His presence keeps us in balance.

yoga an art

A Yogic, poet, writer fond of music. Working as banker.I believe Yoga,a way of life, an art that can be perfectly attained on regular practice and devotion.Regular practicing and proper breathing regenerates our cells making us more active,energetic and more vibrant a healthy and live soul.For me living with yoga is a regular process.A journey of regular internal and external growth. I am practising yoga as a disciple since last 15 years.With guruji’s blessing and guidance there is regular growth in inner consciousness and realization of the self.Mere missing yoga practice sometimes seems to be a loss of the divine energy we are blessed within. Yoga is reunion with yourself.Its regular and continous practice of breathing,asanas gives great energy in daily endeavours.This is to unite with your soul.Deep breath purifies our inner self making us more vibrant and energetic.Its fragrance is deeply felt everywhere giving us hope and positive outlook in everything we perform. Strengthening resoluteness or process sustains our values and beliefs. Value-based goals strengthen our motivation and impact.What transforms our behaviors is staring at everything of ourselves, in. Regular practice makes yoga an art.Surely an yogic is an artist.His performance and attitude towards life is different and holistic.He has a hope a live soul a sense of freedom from negative things from fear or anxiety. Yogic is a true karmic.His karma has a meaning a purpose.His action is graceful and just. ALTHOUGH THIS BLOG PRIMARY COVERS TOPICS RELATED TO YOGA AND ITS BENEFITS BUT I SHOULD QUOTE THE FOLLOWING LINES OF SWAMI VIVEKANANDA THAT ALWAYS INSPIRED ME – “ Purity,patience,perseverance and above all love are the three essentials to success. Great occasions rouse even the lowest of human beings to some kind of greatness, but he alone is the great whose character is great,always.”

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