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Bhagavad sacred writing aims at non secular release of world. For this purpose, Lord Krishna has prescribed numerous methods of fulfilment. although these methods referred to as yogas specialize in totally different aspects of human life like gyan yoga on information, karma yoga on work and devotion yoga on love and devotion ; however of these suggests that of non secular upliftment get constant goal i.e. liberation of the soul. Path of sacred writing is that the path of liberation that leads from darkness to light and from a restricted existence to quality.

The results that ar probably to be achieved by the observe of those yogas are represented in several shlokas of Bhagavad sacred writing. The expected results ar expressed to be attaining Brahman (the Absolute), getting into Him, attaining His state of being, remaining forever established in Him ; and changing into eligible for being one with Him. Similarly, in another shlokas, attaining Krishna (Ishvara – the non-public God) is expressed to be the required goal. Further, the goals that are announced in another shlokas or attaining perfection, attaining supreme peace, attaining immortality, attaining supreme nirvana, enjoying infinite elevation, being ever free, unharness from bondage of works, freedom from all miseries arising from material contact, changing into eligible for life, reaching the eternal and imperishable abode ; and reaching the state from wherever one isn’t born once more. with the exception of these, another similar goals have additionally been known within the sacred writing.This is gyan we should know and understand


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