Yoga is an art.A way of life,how we should perform our duties with inner force and strength.The self judging guide to our actions and manifestations.Is our action is correct,whether we are satisfied with our duty.Is it beneffiting any one.Yoga is answer to all of those questions.It not only makes us healthy and refined soul but also gives us a purpose to live.Who we are is the continous questions,the solution we are asking for.For what purpose we are here.What i am supposed to do.
Yoga is an art.The divinity of which is to be found in ancient Indian cultures not in modern world where it is just another form of fitness routine.New age gurus defying its basic structure and logic.
How will the individual within the dominant cluster adequately take care of his body and mind so as to thrive and not simply survive? Philosophies and technologies meant to rework the person into a divine being additionally effectively repair broken states of mind and body throughout the method. Yes, these measure the spirit-mind-body disciplines of transformation or yoga. Yoga finds its approach into lives and brings relief. it’s become a technique for survival. it’s well-tried that the techniques balance the body system, enhance respiration and scale back stress. A professional person of yoga will learn to focus his mind.

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