The food we should eat

Yoga and food we eat is very much corelated.For a yogic beginning it is beneficial to be a pure vegetarian.There should be cleansing the body with intoxicant that has taken taken its roots in our physical structure by consuming non veg and other junk items.

Taking healthy and nutritious diet not only clean our body but also makes it more immune,strong and pure

Pure food has a deep influence on relating with body,mind and the spirit.

Consuming enough water from 5-6 litres a day makes body refreshing and solving many internal problems facing the body.Its make digestion easy and fast.

A yogic diet should be sattvic free of harmful chemicals and other pollutants.Fresh fruits should be taken.Proper time interval should be followed on taking diets.Sattvic food has a good influence on mind and spirit.

Sattvic food-Milk,green vegetables,cereals,wheat,rice cheese,ghee,dairy products,nuts,herbs,honey,fruits,

A yogic diet should be conducive for yoga practices,breathing process,mental well being and other spiritual practices.

We should strongly avoid tamsic and rajsic food as tamsic food lower our energy level and degrade the body system.Simultaneously rajsic diet that increses the energy and overstimulate the mind is also be avoided.

Tamsic –beef,wine,tobacco,onion,garlic,fermented foods


Note– It sometimes seems difficult to switch diet plan but slowly and gradually it can be done easily.No hard task!. Start by drinking fresh water more and more.

Balanced and light food has a good feeling and joy and there should be no burden for yoga practices and meditation techniques.

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