The root of happiness lies in satisfaction in life

We are always unsatisfied in our life, we find the lack or incompleteness in whatever we have got in life. The root of happiness lies in satisfaction in life. We should try to be satisfied with what we have received in life and feel the joy in it.

When we feel sorrow after seeing the happiness of others, we do not even feel our own happiness. Then we are not able to coordinate with our thinking process and become mental patients. If you will not be mentally satisfied then you will be physically unhappy too

Mind and body are dependent on each other. If the mind is happy, then the body is happy. The effect of the mind on the body is the effect of the body on the mind. Try to speak to yourself,” I am free all the time. I am independent in myself, I am not in any bondage. I also fulfill my responsibilities. God is near me. I am satisfied with myself, has no stress and fear.”

Being happy doesn’t make you tired

Whether young or old or elderly, there will hardly be any person who does not complain that I am tired, I feel tired, everyone experiences it but the question is, what do we get tired of, are we tired of trying? They go, get tired of struggling with the stress and troubles that come in everyday life, or are tired of life itself.

If you also have all these questions then it means that you have not understood your life really. If we look at life as a game and enjoy it, then there will be no complaints like tiredness. The trouble starts when we get entangled in difficult or unnecessary completion of plans and life seems to become cumbersome.

Sometimes you will let the children play, they are so immersed in the game that they enjoy every moment, apart from this they also learn many social skills but as soon as we make the process of learning more formal, then life looks boring and tightening us as if happiness is taken away, we are not able to enjoy playing a game of life.

Happiness is never in winning, but real fun can be enjoyed only by participating in the game. When we take interest in something we don’t feel tired, Why it is because we do it from the heart without any pressure.

By the way, there may be some other physical and lifestyle-related reasons for getting tired, there may be some mental and emotional reasons too. Thinking excessively or negatively destroys energy, so the attitude of living life should be changed.

Always accept the change

You have seen insects and animals living together, how much love, they live with each other, they teach us how to live happily with love. Today humanity is facing many types of challenges. Humans have become enemies, people have become possessed of anger, hatred, jealousy. Anything that happens in front of us, what is visible, we assume it to be true.

We do not try to know about the reasons behind it. These days we are afraid of everything, so we reject what is not permanent, we expect everything to be permanent, apart from any object or person. We don’t accept change. We also deny death that is permanent and true. We keep on dyeing our hair because our hair is turning white because we don’t accept or don’t want to change.

Here is the biggest mistake we make in our life, while it is the unshakable truth that the one who has come on this earth has to go back, then why not keep reminding ourselves that one day everything will be missed, the only change is permanent. Only this is true.

Therefore, accept change easily, you will get as much as you will give to others, so have compassion and generosity towards everyone, be patient, understand each other, cooperate, remove the sorrows of others and bring happiness to them.

Mantra for happiness

Every time when we think of the past, we are converting it to the present, thus giving birth to the same feeling once again.

Remember the past has passed. Put a complete stop to it. Don’t repeat it in your mind again and again, when we do this, it is as if we are repeatedly crushing our old wound which will never be healed now.

If we don’t let the past go and hold it, then a wave of pain will remain within us, the circumstances in life will remain the same, but the more we hold on to the old things, our pain continues to increase.

Discipline is the mantra of a meaningful life

When we start a new beginning, there is some kind of inspiration behind it, but to reach the goal, we have to assimilate discipline and patience with it.

Chanakya has said that the one who is not disciplined has neither the present nor the future. By being in a disciplined life, our mind is ready to obey all the rules. If we look in our life, examples of real discipline are found in all-natural resources. Sun and Moon rise and set at their correct time. The seasons change in due course

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