WARM UP : Warming up the body by increasing the blood circulation and heart rate is an essential part of yoga. Although some individuals use the Sun Salutation as a warm-up in yoga, if convenient, we recommend a 10 – 12 minute warm-up consisting of a brisk walk, cycling, running, etc. The warm-up should be intense enough to increase body temperature, to warm up the muscles and cause a slight sweat but not cause any fatigue.


• Increase body and tissue temperature.

• Increase blood flow through the active muscles

• Increase the heart rate, preparing the cardiovascular system for work

• Increase the exchange rate of oxygen and carbon dioxide from hemoglobin in the blood

• Increase the speed at which nerve impulses travel, facilitating body movements

• Increase reciprocal innervation efficiency, allowing muscles to contract and relax faster and more efficiently

• Decrease muscular tension

• Enhance the ability of connective tissue to elongate

COOL DOWN : The cool-down period is just as important as the warm up. The cool-down period helps the body return to its pre-yoga practice state, a small investment of time for the many benefits received.A minimum quiet down of half hour is usually recommended when every yoga session.

CORPSE is usually practiced throughout the cool-down period. A properly performed cool down will:

• Help clear the muscles of accumulated lactic acid

• Lessen excessive fatigue

• Reduce soreness and cramps

• Keep muscles from tightening up

• Lower blood pressure

• come the temperature back to resting levels

• Restore the center rate to a resting level in brief, a relax speeds overall recovery in preparation for succeeding yoga sessions. A cool down is also helpful to relax and unwind the mind, a transition from the intensity of the yoga session to the day-to-day activities. Cooling down is a wonderful way to re-align or re-position the body’s postural mechanics. Positioning the body in anatomical optimum posture in CORPSE, minimizes the stress on the body joints and muscles. Maintaining this posture for at least 10 – 15 minutes re-educates the body (hardware) and mind (software) to adapt to this comfortable, stress-free posture.

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