What is Yoga-Yoga connecting mind,Body Soul

What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that destroys the root cause of any problem that people may ever suffer physically.With this natural form of exercise, people should be able to get relief from any type of mental and physical diseases. All that required is a good yoga teacher guidance.

There is a saying that yoga comes to you, not the other way round.The idea,that it is graced with ancient knowledge.You need it.It is quite magical to me and I fully believe it. I have heard it many times and for me it was definitely true.So, whatever you have brought for yoga, I’m glad you got it. Not everyone lives properly and practices perfectly, but it has its beauty. It gives you what you need, when you need it.

Based on this information, I would encourage you to be open minded. Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know.Yoga does not change your mind (well not in a bad way) and it means that it does not wash you away from believing in Hindu deities or trying to change your religion. There are people who believe so. Yoga originated from ancient Vedic knowledge, which is recorded in the oldest records.

The path of Yoga is based on the fundamental universal truths that have been initiated since time. It does not conflict because by nature it is harmonious. In fact, yoga means union – joining or co-ordinating its existence; To bring your mind, body and soul together or in harmony. In the end, the goal is self-realization, which simply means understanding yourself better – to make you feel a happier, healthier and more fulfilled person – and I say, bring it to Om.

No matter how fast the world can develop such a thing that man simply cannot forget, it is a matter of great health. There are a lot of unhealthy habits that have developed over time and this is the exact reason that perhaps people can actually ensure the fact that the rate of various diseases has also increased over time.

This is the exact reason that people should strive for various solutions from which they are benefiting. Health is one of the major issues that should concern people and they take care of it with the help of various different exercises.

If you are doing yoga late in life, you may find it difficult. This is not necessarily because it is difficult, but because of your perception of it. By this I mean that anyone can practice yoga, whatever their age, gender, height, weight, physical condition, etc., but because the assumption is that you have to wrap yourself around your body.This is not true and is an absolute myth that needs to be derived correctly.

We have to start from where we are, what we have. In fact in the beginning by trying to get oneself into its full expression, where the first lesson of yoga lies. The first lesson is patience. To practice yoga, you must practice patience by yourself.

It is difficult for most people to come to a yoga class and stare at the teacher or the person next to them. It is human nature and instead of working with our own bodies, warts and all, our ego gets in the way. You can injure yourself by pushing in this way which just adds more time and yes you guessed it, more need to be patient. If I could give one piece of advice to a yoga newbie, it would be of patience – be patient yourself, postures will come. Be comfortable with all your physical limitations, conditions and anything else where you want to live your way. Just focus on practicing patience (and of course breathing!)

However nothing can beat the effectiveness of yoga. Yes, yoga is definitely the best solution to any kind of health problem.

Yoga has so many benefits that one can hardly imagine. A good yoga teacher training should enable people to tell them about the same. Following are the different benefits of yoga that every person should know about:

Yoga connecting mind,Body Soul

Yoga means different things to different people. Most people come to yoga first because it can provide physical benefits. They want to lose weight, tone up, feel healthy or perhaps help with a medical condition or physical symptoms. Yoga works on all physical conditions. There are other people who are more attracted to the emotional and / or spiritual side, but in my experience people who are new to yoga are often attracted to it, they feel, because of the physical benefits.

What is interesting here is that we are connected on all three levels; Mind, body and soul,so in reality when we are in a physical state that something is healing or simply being overweight or unfit, it will always be connected to our emotions and ultimately, whether we choose to believe it or No (and there are) many who do not are also connected on a subtle, spiritual level.You do not need to accept this fact to practice yoga, but it is worth knowing that when you start that you are actually working on all three levels, not just physical.

Keeps fat away: This is one of the most important things that people will be interested in. With the help of yoga,people can be greatly relieved from the fact that fat is a thing that will not only go out of the body,but will not return in any time. A yoga teacher training people should be able to tell them about different types of yoga that can help.

Keeps off mental stress: This is definitely one of the best things that can be guaranteed with yoga. People can actually get lots of other benefits as well but nothing can beat the effect of this particular point. Nowadays people look for things that provide them mental peace and yoga is definitely one of them.

Keeps away deadly diseases: All the deadly diseases can be kept away with the help of yoga and this is really something that everyone should know about.

yoga an art

A Yogic, poet, writer fond of music. Working as banker.I believe Yoga,a way of life, an art that can be perfectly attained on regular practice and devotion.Regular practicing and proper breathing regenerates our cells making us more active,energetic and more vibrant a healthy and live soul.For me living with yoga is a regular process.A journey of regular internal and external growth. I am practising yoga as a disciple since last 15 years.With guruji’s blessing and guidance there is regular growth in inner consciousness and realization of the self.Mere missing yoga practice sometimes seems to be a loss of the divine energy we are blessed within. Yoga is reunion with yourself.Its regular and continous practice of breathing,asanas gives great energy in daily endeavours.This is to unite with your soul.Deep breath purifies our inner self making us more vibrant and energetic.Its fragrance is deeply felt everywhere giving us hope and positive outlook in everything we perform. Strengthening resoluteness or process sustains our values and beliefs. Value-based goals strengthen our motivation and impact.What transforms our behaviors is staring at everything of ourselves, in. Regular practice makes yoga an art.Surely an yogic is an artist.His performance and attitude towards life is different and holistic.He has a hope a live soul a sense of freedom from negative things from fear or anxiety. Yogic is a true karmic.His karma has a meaning a purpose.His action is graceful and just. ALTHOUGH THIS BLOG PRIMARY COVERS TOPICS RELATED TO YOGA AND ITS BENEFITS BUT I SHOULD QUOTE THE FOLLOWING LINES OF SWAMI VIVEKANANDA THAT ALWAYS INSPIRED ME – “ Purity,patience,perseverance and above all love are the three essentials to success. Great occasions rouse even the lowest of human beings to some kind of greatness, but he alone is the great whose character is great,always.”

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