Meditation is the route to free from Attachments

With the help of Meditation, we can find freedom from all types of worldly Attachments that act as a hindrance to our mental and spiritual well-being. Meditation is the route to free from Attachments.

In our practical life the things that are useful or purposeful for us, only the inner conscious can find the right answer to it. Eating, drinking, and living in peace is all for the fulfillment of our mental well-being. Important thing is that reasoning or logical thinking is related to our Consciousness. So it is to be justified that spiritualism can be attained relating to a human’s Conscious level of his sense of mindfulness.

Regular practice of Sadhna

By regular practice of Sadhna or meditation, a human being can find his true path of spiritual enlightenment. The pure state of bliss is one such philosophy. By following spiritual practices we will find the true state of blessedness or pure happiness that is permanent and absolute and cannot be found with any other means but only with the way of following spiritual practices.

According to our Conscious level, we can find real knowledge of destruction or development. With the increase in the level of our Consciousness, we start to find happiness, beginning from a small segment or section to a holistic level of inner joy that we call the state of blessedness. In this process, we start to find happiness and give preference to deep mental peace rather than any physical pleasure of desires and attachments. We tend to leave these pleasures aside.

Attachments and desires cause attraction that diverts our attention and acts as a hindrance to our spiritual growth. These desires give birth to a new desire for the completion of previous desires.

For Country’s love or any such rare happiness, a human does not fear to surrender or give his life for it. There are thousands of such examples in history. This is a human’s higher level of Consciousness or a healthy mindset.

practice of Ashtanga yoga

By the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, a devotee or practitioner can slowly and steadily grow his thinking power and with that developed thinking, he can find spiritual awakening. By this spiritual awakening, he can find true happiness. We should know that without natural knowledge it is not possible to do so. We should increase to raise allegiance or fidelity. By inclination only, allegiance will rise and with the growth of the allegiance, we will be blessed by god’s Grace.

With only a little of God’s Grace, we find freedom from attachment with this physical structure or body. Perpetual perversion discretion is awakened and this discretion develops us to Brahmroop or immortal. It is to be noted that In the meditation route the biggest thing is devotion or allegiance.

How to begin the practice of meditation

Sit down with leg crossed, back straight, and eyes closed. Beware of your breath around the nostrils, as you breathe in and as you breathe out. Breathe in, experiencing the whole body, breathe out, experiencing the whole body. Breathe in, relaxing the whole body, breathe out, relaxing the whole body. Always mindful, breathe in, mindful, breathe out. Open your eyes and come out of meditation.

How to begin your practice ?

Begin with a short period of 10-15 minutes. Slowly increase the duration. One hour is a good span for daily meditation.


• Sooths and calms the mind

• Relieves tension and anxiety

• Helps to reduce high blood pressure

• Effective for insomnia

• Improves concentration

• Builds self-confidence

Keeping in line with meditation can greatly increase the effectiveness of the process, as you can not only learn to perform better but also strengthen your mind’s ability to concentrate and calm down.

When you can experience the positive benefits of meditation, a repeated practice not only helps keep your mind calm for longer but also enables you to gain a greater degree of mental clarity and well being.

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