Yoga Conscience-Moral rationality of the Soul

Yoga is an art. A way of living. It originates from our Conscience that heals our body mind and soul spiritually. We can that Yoga Conscience is the moral rationality of the Soul. The food or diet we consume for our daily physical activities but for the soul, the food is the yoga that involves breathing, asanas, meditation, several kriyas with proper discipline.

It is a proven fact that the roots of yoga are inherited in our Conscience. The will or resolute should be to motivate self to grow the roots continuously in an unconscious manner and to transform the roots into a huge tree that that will flower our life so that it may be fruitful to all of us. Life will be blissful and prosperous in wisdom.

Conscience is the moral rationality of the soul. Yoga is the action process derived from our Conscience where it is deep-rooted. Then it becomes a natural phenomenon of action in everything we do and perform. This routine is similar to our breathing system that happens subconsciously without putting any effort.

This is the Conscience that heals us in a subconscious way that motivates us constantly in our every action that makes us believe that missing yoga sometimes makes us uneasy and interference with gaining divine energy.

Yoga Conscience is the art of liberation

Yoga Conscience is the art of liberation from our desires and constantly grow our energy level. It is the belief in our moral values. The increased level of our self-confidence. It makes us strong. The inherent belief that we can overcome all obstacles and hindrances in whatever we face or get surrounded with. The hope of nonillness, healthy, and fit.The increase of immunity and will to win. The growth in our energy level.

Conscience and life are interrelated deeply. A newborn baby shows a glimpse of his presence in one or the other way. For adults, conscience takes birth in another form. He acts according to the situation. Conscience is itself a form of awakening unknowingly or reaction according to situation and surroundings.

If we look at history we will find so many great people that have left their signs of greatness facing and fighting immense obstacles and problems but they have never left the fire of their Conscience. These great people were not only their country ideals but the light bearer for the entire society and mankind.

The belief cannot be negated that the Conscience general basics are connected to Indian mythology and the Vedas. We can thus understand the Conscience in Vedic, Dharmic, or religious, the cultural concept only. Yoga is born from this concept of Conscience.

level of our Conscience

When in our daily routines we see or hear any inhuman act, our state of mind screams. We feel frustrated, pathetic, and agonized. Any indifference or such a sinful act by the evildoer means his senses are lost. He cannot differentiate between right or wrong. His Conscience is dead.

Actually, in our lifespan, we define good or the bad to the level of our Conscience. This is our Conscience we develop the thinking process or mechanics that gives birth to wishes and feelings. Often feelings subdue our thinking process. Knowingly in control of wishes, we are trapped in our feelings and then we try to escape from right thinking. To not face this, we should always try to scratch the right Conscience. Spiritual knowledge is effective in this scenario. Although it is possible only by awakening of our Conscience.

Yoga Conscience is beyond our minds

Yoga Conscience is beyond our minds. While the mind behaves rationally for our decision process or thought process but Conscience is the self-guidance of rightness or wrongness of the thought process. The awareness of our action to do right.

So Yoga should not be confined to just poses and exercises alone but the Conscience is the motivation of its holistic benefits to our overall well being and not only to gain physical benefits but also spiritual awakening to become a liberated soul. Yoga Conscience is the effort of fulfillment that we always struggled to live in peace, to live in silence, to be within ourselves, to discover our trueness, and be our own masters.

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