Yoga for long life

Yoga can have a profound and positive impact in anti-aging progress i.e yoga fpr long life,some well-known institute studies suggested.

Old age is a natural process of aging.

Ancient techniques for the harmony of the outer and inner body beings through yoga, breath control, meditation, physical movement and gestures… well known to the people of the Western world and parts of Asia.There are reasons for the reported health benefits by reputable institutions. ‘Research and supported by health advocates.

To explore the effects of yoga and meditation-based lifestyle interventions (YMLI), randomly assigned to 12 weeks of YMLI on cellular aging in 96 healthy individuals, at the end of the 12-week lesson, the YMLI group expressed many improvements.Both cardinal biomarkers of cellular aging and metabotrophic biomarkers affecting cellular aging compared to baseline values.

The efficacy of the program in the reduced cellular aging process was attributed to activities in ROS and reduced production of pro-inflammatory cytokines and the hormone cortisol, and increased values ​​of telomerase activity in regulated aging progression and reduced hormone end-. To maintain endorphins and homeostasis.

After taking into account the other co-founders, lead author Drs. Madhuri Tolhunesse said, “Lifestyle is an integrated entity, and an intervention like YMLI, which has an overall positive impact on our health, appears to be the most useful versus changing only one aspect. At a time, as some drugs Yoga is holistic and a mind-body medicine and compared to individual interventions such as physical exercise, calorie restriction and antioxidants. It is beneficial and beneficial. “

Other researchers, in a study of yoga breathing in the skin protected against aging, reported the following results

1. Yoga breathing has reduced the psychological aspects of stress and anxiety that have been associated with increasing age

2. Yoga also affected regulated glycation and products (AGE), which have recently been shown to play a role in aging

3. Comprehensive yoga programs that include inhalation and meditation exercises may have profound effects in increased gene expression, including oxidative stress, DNA damage, cell cycle control, aging, and apoptosis.

4. Detoxification

In further analysis, the Dr., Berry-led author stated, “(contracting for general belief) can be translated to improve the interesting correlation of insulin regulation and glucose control and perhaps the accumulation of AGE proteins in body tissues Reversal of Effect on “.

In support of the above differentiation, Dr. at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. Brown RP launched a yoga breathing investigation into anti-aging progress, suggesting that

1. Yoga breathing (Pranayama) can have a significant and positive effect in bringing the mind to the present moment and reducing stress

2. Yoga delayed the aging process through the expression of victims of breathing depression, anxiety, traumatic stress disorder, and mass disasters.

3. Sadhanas relieve many kinds of suffering.

Finally, after taking other risk factors into consideration, researchers concluded that yoga breathing may affect the longevity mechanism.

Yoga does great for body and soul, especially for more than 60 of us. Here are some examples of vibrant women whose devotion to yoga has paid off in happiness, health and longevity:

Bette Calman, 90, a highly respected yoga teacher for 50 years, she is now “Yoga Super Granny.” She gained international fame while acting in an Advil Commercial during the 2016 Super Bowl.

Tao Porchan-Lynch, 98, was recognized as the world’s oldest yoga teacher by the Guinness Book of World Records at the age of 93 and is still teaching! His unprecedented background includes twice marching with Mahatma Gandhi and helping people escape the Nazis during World War II as a French resistance fighter. In addition to yoga, he danced ballroom at the “young” age of 85. Tao’s mantra is “There is nothing you cannot do.” This he has taken to heart all his life and is a great example for all of us.

Ana Pace, age 87, cured her hump posture in just 2 years with the help of a certified back-care yoga instructor. She says she feels amazing now because she can drive and do many things she couldn’t do before.

So how does it work? How, in particular, does yoga benefit your body and mind?

In terms of your body, yoga improves balance, which continues to increase as we age. Yoga promotes bone strength, as the nature of the movements themselves improves bone density, which decreases over time. Yoga is a low-impact form of exercise, which means it gently strengthens your muscles, and in the process, protects them from atrophying. Stronger muscles mean less stress on your joints, thus reducing arthritis.

Yoga also reduces blood pressure without putting undue pressure on your cardiovascular system, which is why it is (for most people, always check with your doctor!) Particularly favorable as part of a low blood pressure-blood pressure program . Because yoga incorporates deep breathing as a part of practice, more oxygen is circulated throughout the body, for the benefit of your entire internal organs and systems.

Plus side to your mental and emotional state, yoga stimulates some chemical release in the body which can reduce anxiety and promote an overall feeling of relaxation. Because yoga relieves stress, many people find that it improves their sleep. With that said, yoga has been shown to enhance your memory and ability to process cognitively, something we can all appreciate as we grow in later years!

Why is it important to know about the benefits of yoga? Because it lends itself to a little-known health trick: the more you know how much a thing benefits you, the greater the benefit.

Nowhere did this phenomenon perform better than in the study of notable “hotel maids”. Maids in the two hotels did work that lasted more than 30 minutes of daily exercise. At the first hotel, researchers told the maids how many calories they burned through the equivalent of 30 minutes of exercise. Researchers did not say anything to the maids at the other hotel. After just one month, there was no change in their diet or exercise routine outside of work (which was almost zero), the maids at the first hotel lost an average weight of two pounds, a small percentage of body fat and systolic blood. Average 10 points less pressure.The maids at the other hotel did not change.

What happened? The first hotel maids were now aware of the specific benefits of their work beyond salary. His subconscious transmitted a benefit-message to his body, resulting in weight loss, reduced body fat and lowered blood pressure. Yet the maids were not physically doing anything different.

Of course, maid work is very different from yoga, but the concept is the same. Harness the power of your mind by engaging in the practice of yoga. Know the value and benefits that yoga has for you, both physically and mentally. You can’t help but thrive!

Taken as a whole, yoga may have a therapeutic effect in the progression of aging through regulating cellular and psychological manifestations alone or combined with meditation.

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