Yoga for weight loss

Yoga is considered to be a wonderful practice for gaining spiritual knowledge.Yoga is also a great physical exercise for weight loss.Experts say that the physical aspect of hatha yoga or yoga involves specific physical postures or alignment exercises that help a person achieve the physical fitness necessary to attain spiritual enlightenment.Although yoga works on all parts of the body,it is particularly helpful in reducing body fat and fighting obesity i.e yoga for weight loss.As we all know that obesity is one of the most common issues that people experience these days.Due to sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets, people are becoming obese and suffering from a severe form of physical illness called obesity.

We tell you the top five yogasanas that can help you fight obesity –

1 Naukasana or Boat Pose

As the name suggests,Naukasana or Boat Pose helps you reduce abdominal fat, tone abdominal muscles and strengthen your lower back.

Lie on your back. Keep your hands with your body. Take a few deep breaths. Now slowly take a deep breath, lift your body, chest, hands and feet off the floor.Continue this position for a few seconds or as long as you can. Feel the stretch on your chest, abdomen and back muscles constantly. Slowly return to normal. While exhaling, relax the posture and return to the original position. Repeat the asana at least three times.

2. Pawanmuktasan or gas release pose

This pose is very useful for burning fat in your thighs,hips and abdominal area.

Lie on your back.Now slowly raise your feet and place your hands around your knees. In this position, bring your feet closer to the body.Hold this position for few seconds.Slowly release the pose and bring your head to the floor. Once done,straighten your legs and relax.

3. Bhujansana or Cobra pose

It is also called Cobra pose.This pose is especially helpful in stretching and stretching your arms, shoulders,buttocks, thighs, back and abdomen.Bhujansana is an excellent asana for reducing abdominal fat.If practiced regularly, this pose can help you achieve a flat stomach.

Lie on your stomach on the floor.Place your palms on the ground near the shoulder. Inhale and lift your body up to the navel simultaneously. Hold this pose for a few seconds and slowly return to the original position. Repeat the asana thrice.

4. Paschimottan Asana or forward bend pose

It is considered to be an excellent pose for fighting abdominal fat.This posture helps reduce abdominal fat and tone your abdominal area, pelvic area, thighs,hips,shoulders.

Sit on a flat surface, and spread your legs towards the front and straighten your legs. Inhale and move your arms above your head. Now while exhaling, tilt your body forward and try to touch your knees with your forehead. Continue this pose for a few seconds and keep breathing normally.Inhale and slowly return to normal.Repeat the asana twice.

5. Veerabhadrasan or Warrior-Pose

It is also called Warrior Pose.Apart from reducing body fat,this asana also helps to increase body alignment and burn fat throughout the body.

Stand with your feet spread out at least one leg. Now, move your gaze to the right, and bend your right leg at 90 degrees. Now take a deep breath and raise both your arms at shoulder level.Turn your head to the right and continue this pose for a few seconds or as long as you can. Inhale and return to the original position. Repeat the posture at least twice.

If practiced regularly, these poses can not only help you reduce belly fat, but also reduce fat from the entire body. Reducing abdominal fat is the most difficult task in the world and it demands a lot of efforts from the person. But, it is not impossible either. With practice and patience, you can actually achieve great results in a very short time.

Yoga and obesity research

Yoga is one of the techniques used in Ayurvedic medicine to encourage self-healing through the expression of internal and external wells, which can process a potential efficacy to control obesity.

Practicing ancient techniques for the harmony of external and internal body beings through yoga, breath control, meditation,physical movements and gestures known to the people of the Western world and parts of Asia, by various honorable people.The reasons stated are for health related which are approved by the Institutes for Research and Health Advocates.

Obesity is a medical condition of excess body fat accumulation,overweight is a condition of optimum excess body weight, BMI of over 30 is a sign of obesity.

According to Patanjali Yogpeeth, obese patients attended 6 days in which yoga surgery showed a reduction in BMI, fat-free mass and a decrease in total cholesterol.

A total of 47 individuals assessed on the first and last day of the yoga and diet change program, with a 6-day intervention between assessments, showed yoga combination BMI (1.6 percent), waist and hip circumference, fat reduction,total cholesterol (7.7 percent decrease), high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol (8.7 percent decrease), fasting serum leptin levels (44.2 percent decrease) and increased postural stability and hand grip (P ) <0.05, all) comparison).

The study also indicated that intensive yoga programs with changes in diabetes may reduce some of the risks, but the benefits are improved postural stability, grip strength, reduced waist and hip circumference,and reduced learning of serum latines. with. Along with the reduction in levels, there is also loss from obesity.

Determination of yoga learning and participation.

In the deed, a non-dimensional, single-arm traditional study was conducted from August 2012 to March 2015 at the Integral Health Clinic, Department of Physiology,All India Institute of Medical Sciences,New Delhi, India insisted that patients who use all types of yoga practice,they not only improved quality of life and health after short-term yoga-based lifestyle interventions,but also demonstrated physical, psychological wells in both male and female subgroups.

These effects include a decrease in body weight,BMI, total body fat, waist and hip circumference,waist-to-hip ratio, fasting glucose in systolic and diastolic blood, total cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein, triglycerides, and fasting glucose in obese participants.

In addition, a chart controller trial with parallel groups (sum and control groups) on 80 male obese with a body mass index (BMI) between 25 and 35 kg / cm2 was divided into two identical groups in which 72 subjects ( Yoga n = 37 and control) n = 35) completed the test, after 14 weeks of yoga training with additional yoga practice for the next 3 months, the yoga group had the final result in anthropometric and psychological parameters such as waist, percent body horn, An effective improvement in PSS has been shown.

Overall, obese patients who attended yoga lessons showed a significant change in the control of obesity, of physical and mental well-being, which could lead to weight loss and to reduce complications of obesity.

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