Yoga a hope in these turbulent days of Corona

These are the days of Corona. Yoga a hope in these turbulent days of Corona.How yoga helps us in the hard times of Corona. Sometimes it happens that everything seems to be going wrong in our lives. Everything seems to be deteriorating and our efforts to stop it from worsening more or reversing for good is not happening. We are currently experiencing it and you may also experience it. I am lucky to have friends and family members who love me and are always ready to help me in my time of need but I like to practice yoga before I go to someone else’s help because it is often at such a time, my situation changes.

Given below are 4 ways yoga that helps us in bad times:

Getting out of our discomfort. Letting go of despair or hope is never going to change the situation. Many times it has happened to us that we felt as if we are going to fall while in the position of the warrior. However, when we stopped thinking about it and started taking deep breaths while calming our minds we are able to balance for longer. This useful lesson that we learned by doing yoga can be applied to other parts of life as well.

Remind us that we are stronger than we think. At first, when we saw someone doing arm balances, we imagined how strong that person is. We simply made the assumption that we could never do this. However, when we started looking deeper into our body, we are able to do it within a month enabling strengthening our body and understanding our strength level in our body!. We increase our odds by thinking that we cannot handle them. We must always remember that we are stronger than we think. Whenever we suffer from bad times, we remember the first time we are able to balance completely.

Increases our focus on the positive. Yoga practice helps me realize the positive around us. Too much negativity also spoils our scenario in all cases. It tells us that life does not matter, I am lucky that I am alive and my breath is still coming in and going out. It gives us great comfort.

Reminds us that everything is temporary. This is a very useful lesson that helps reduce the negativity inside us. Of course, everything in this world is temporary – from pain in happiness to bad times of happiness. Life goes on no matter what happens. Therefore, instead of remembering the beauty of the present time, we will do nothing by paying attention to how good everything will be. Do not miss it!

5 Poses That Can Help us At the End of A Bad Day

Usually, during any bad day, we would come home, eat some snacks while drinking coffee, and watch a romantic comedy to get us ready to cook dinner. For a few hours, our attention was towards something else. All these things give us temporary happiness that was necessary to do something else because as you would already know, the end of a bad day breaks us down in such a way that we don’t like to do anything at that time. But after all these things were over, we felt tired and lethargic – thus preparing ourselves for another bad day. In fact, when we spend more time avoiding our bad day than we live, we actually face a lot of problems.

We should know that to prevent this from happening, some changes had to be made to our routine, so we have to change the schedule and do yoga every day if we are not doing it. We should decide to do yoga at any cost and to give some time to it.

Below are some of the poses we can do and say that they are life-saving at the end of a bad day. You can also try them and feel the difference yourself:

Child Pose: This is one of the best poses to find happiness. When you take a deep breath and melt on the floor in a baby pose, you take care of yourself and allow your body to listen to your intuition.

Viprita Karani: This is a restorative pose. You can try it on a bolt or on top of a blanket. This greatly reduces the amount of stress and helps in simulation. Only five minutes can make a difference for the whole day.

Downward-Facing Dog Pose: We don’t like going to any yoga class, which doesn’t include a downward-facing dog in any way. This posture helps a lot in getting maximum relief when you feel stressed. To do this easily we can place our head either on a bolt or on top of a blanket.

Shoulderstand: This can be difficult for many of you, but just one minute of this pose can go a long way in getting the bad thoughts out of your mind.

Savasna: This posture is also one of the best for relaxing the tired brain. It is a posture in which you simply relax, breathe and absorb the benefits of your yoga practice.

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