Yogic way to Stay a fit while at work

A consistent fitness routine is the best way to keep your body in good physical shape and your mind healthy. There is a yogic way to stay fit while at work. Being active does not mean that you need to spend many hours in the gym. Doing the things you love, such as walking in the rain, swimming and spending time with loved ones in the forest is the best way to exercise. You can also find ways to fit in some essential work activities, such as taking the stairs and getting up from your desk to walk a short distance every hour.

A typical employee sits in front of his desk for eight hours or more, answering telephone calls, surfing the Internet, writing office communications, and other desk-bound tasks. Sitting all day increases the likelihood of obesity. There are risks of having poor posture, muscle cramps, and backache. Stretching and deep breathing techniques on your desk can help keep you free from pain and stress during work.


Stretching is an important and easy way to reduce back pain and neck strain. Maintain a flat posture by adjusting the height of your chair and placing your spine behind your chair. This will keep your back and neck bulging and less likely to turn forward which will cause cramps and headaches.

To activate your chest and shoulders during a long day at work, plunge the chair. Place both hands on the arms of your chair and slowly raise your arms down while straightening your arms. Take yourself back down and stop when your floor is a few inches from the seat, count 5. 15 times. Avoid both wrists by turning both your wrists in circles 10 times.

For lower body stiffness, try to stretch your lower leg alternately, right and left. Then, sitting in your chair, raise one leg and straighten it, but do not bend your knees, count to three and keep your leg down and hold for several seconds. Do this again with your other leg.

More calories are burned than standing and sitting. Instead of using the phone to talk with your colleagues, go to their desk and talk face to face. Stand and stretch your body to answer phone calls. This will give your body a little rest and will also build a stronger relationship with your colleagues.

Bike for walking or working. If you ride a bus or metro, get off at a few blocks or earlier stops and walk the rest of the way. Walking ten extra minutes a day can help you burn extra calories and make you feel more vibrant. Climb stairs instead of lifts for stepping towards your fitness goals. Use a pedometer to monitor your physical activity and reminds you to keep going. A pedometer is a small device that counts every step you take.

Fitness gear

Bringing in fitness gear will also help. Bring a yoga mat that you can use during your break, or a stretch ball to relax your hands and fingers after using the computer. You can also do push-ups while waiting. Resistance bands – Stretch cords or tubes that offer weight-like resistance when you pull over them – curl some hands-on cabinets or drawers and between functions.

Organize groups running lunchtime with your teammates. Encourage everyone to get regular exercise at work and even at home. Schedule walking meetings, if the weather cooperates, take out your walking meetings. Having regularly scheduled exercise time with your team is a great way to ensure that you exercise on a consistent basis and will build friendships in a shared activity that you can enjoy weekly.

Diet and eating habits

Keep an eye on your diet, eating habits, and food intake. This is the most important thing. No one can exercise for a poor diet. Eating cooked vegetables will give you nutrition and improve your digestion. A homemade lunch instead of vending machine goodies will save your wallet and trim your waistline. Drink warm water before, during, and after your activities to stay hydrated. Every system in your body needs water to avoid energy drain and fatigue.

Avoid long hours in front of the TV at home. Your eyes must be tired due to work on computer and screen. Give your eyes a rest. And fall asleep before 10:00 at night. Resting tomorrow and saving more energy for tomorrow. You may also be able to get up and work before work!

Being active is not difficult. Just keep your body moving. Track your progress and make it easy and fun. You will keep your body fit and also build strong relationships with the people around you. And it will lead you to a life full of joy!

How to integrate yoga into a work

It can be a challenge to fulfill all your activities and obligations, even on ordinary days. When you have various professional and personal responsibilities to attend to, you may struggle to fit into everything. As anxiety increases, it is common to lose your peace. Restore your balance and take care of yourself by incorporating some yoga into your daily work routine.

Be Conscious

An important aspect of yoga involves mindfulness. When you focus on stress and what triggers it, you can help reduce it. For example, if a colleague tries to press your button, what can you do to avoid an interchange with this person. When you have no choice, center yourself and work on regaining your inner peace. Even concentrating on breathing for just a short period of time can be effective for slowing a racing heart and refreshing an anxious mind.

Desk exercise

Many yoga poses are ideal while you sit at the desk. These actions are not comprehensive or difficult, and if you work in an office with others, they will not draw attention to you.

Pranayama will help you to center yourself when tension increases. Sit in your chair and focus on connecting from your feet. Position your chin so that it is parallel to the floor and center your shoulders on your hips. Start breathing calmly while inhaling your breath. stop for few seconds and exhale the breath. Repeat the process from five to ten times.

– Sit on the edge of your seat, and place your feet on the floor. Keep your fingers behind your back. Inhale deeply, move your hands towards the floor, and chest upward. Hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale completely. Again repeat the process

Standing exercise

– Standing straight and bend at the hips to touch your toes. Holding this simple pose for a few seconds is often effective for fighting stress and calming the brain.

– Keep your hands behind your hips, directly behind your back. Raise your crossed hands as high as possible. When lifting, focus on lifting your sternum. Hold the lift for at least 30 seconds, and then let it go. Repeat this movement several times.

Even if you cannot step and spread on the floor, the way you practice yoga, you can get some benefit from doing these movements throughout the day. In many cases, colleagues will not even realize what you are doing when you stretch and soothe the pain to breathe.

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